Using and Enhancing the Free Map of the World

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Using and Enhancing the Free Map of the World

by Frederik Ramm,
Jochen Topf,
Steve Chilton

UIT Cambridge,
1st edition, 2010
ISBN 978-1-90686-011-0
386 pp

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about the English edition:
Gary Gale: A worthy and valuable addition to your bookshelf.
Muki Haklay: We liked the Ramm et al. book ... and would recommend it to our students.
Oliver O'Brien: If you are at all interested in the OpenStreetMap project ... then I recommend this book. It's as near-perfect as any book can be ...

about 3rd German edition:
Schockwellenreiter: Es ist das einzige Buch in meiner doch recht umfangreichen Bibliothek, von dem ich alle bisher erschienenen Ausgaben besitze. Es lohnt sich.

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Here are the examples mentioned in the book so that you can download them and experiment.

Examples German Edition English Edition
1. (2008) 2. (2009) 3. (2010) 1. (2010)
Web maps with GoogleMaps API
 and OpenLayers
10.4 / 10.5 14.4 / 14.5 14.4 / 14.5 14.4 / 14.5
Osmarender Kap. 12.6, S. 141 Kap. 16.6, S. 184 Kap. 16.6, S. 208 Ch. 16.6, p. 195
Deutscher Stil für Mapnik Kap. 13.6, S. 155 - - -
Osmosis polygon files Kap. 18.1, S. 193 Kap. 24.6, S. 256 Kap. 24.5, S. 287 Ch. 24.5, p. 277
Mapnik waterways example - - - Ch. 17, pp. 210-213